Satyam Plastfab has the capability to produce various types of bags including following:

  • Woven Bags Coated and uncoated

  • We can manufacture coated or uncoated bags in width upto 42” bags upto 28”wide, and can be printed in 4 colors.

  • Fabric Coated and uncoated

  • We can manufacture flat coated/uncoated fabric in widths upto 80” with corona treatment if required. Tabular coated/uncoated fabric can be made upto 42” width.

  • PP Woven Valve Bags
  • PP Woven Hemmed Bags
  • PP Woven Gusseted Bags
  • Sand Bags
  • Box Bag

  • We manufacture Box Bags from coated or uncoated fabric. They can be printed if required.

  • Geotextile Ground Cover and Silt Fence

  • We manufacture ground cover and Silt fence made of UV stabilized PP woven fabric in widths upto 24” in tubular form and 42” in flat form.

  • Tubing Fabric & Sleeves

  • We manufacture tube sleeves made of uncoated PP Woven Fabric.

  • Bale Caps and Sheets

  • Bale Caps and Sheets can be made of coated or uncoated PP woven fabric with printing if required.